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my idea of the 0.1

Rueen, Armen and I are trying to figure out what to write for our 0.1.  This is difficult because we do not have enough information.  I have been learning python, in hope of being helpful in the technical aspect of this project but so far, our team has no idea what 0.1 should be.  what would 0.1 be? would it be a file that read localization code? or would it be something else? we are not sure.

for this particular tools, i think we need the following:
1. file io that read a localization file.
2. organize the information that was read (somewhat like a parser)
3. make necessary translation
4. output/build


October 7, 2007 - Posted by | open source


  1. […] My open source project 0.1 release thoughts Armen, Vincent, and I are hard at work trying to figure out what our 0.1 release should have in terms of functionality. We have a good working start, but I won’t reiterate the list since I’ve told most people including Dave what I think our system’s 0.1 release functionality should be, but if you want the short-version of it check out Vincent’s post about it here. […]

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  2. In my opinion, if the localization file is going to be key + value pairs written in an XML format, then then just being able to parse the XML file using Python should be enough for an 0.1 release. I’d love to add more stuff before the 0.1 release, but there just isn’t that much TIME to do it.

    Comment by rueenfiez | October 8, 2007 | Reply

  3. […] the code ended up to be exactly the same as what I have mentioned from “my idea of the 0.1“ […]

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