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Modifying the Browser Lab

I am working on this lab: 

I worked 5 hours on Thursday, a few hours yesterday and a few hours today (after finishing the 0.1).  I don’t want to cheat by reading the solution.  *sob* I need to some how find more time to concentrate on this lab.  This is one of the most interesting lab so far. lol~ I am not saying the other labs are boring… but you know, this lab is different.

I used MXR and I ended up in the tabbrowser file. I think I am in the right track.  I was looking at loadOneTab and I am looking at mTabContainer.  I am trying to make sense out of the container.  hmmm… maybe i should start coding/testing, instead of trying to understand it fully.  just as dave said, you are not suppose to understand it – -” just code and share ideas with your friends…….. there aren’t any one else working on this tho… people seems to be either busy with their 0.1 or their assignment/midterm *sob*

anyway @@” I will get this to work asap. please forgive me if i don’t have it done by monday *sob*  afterall, what i learn from this is more important than getting it done quickly.

btw, I hear we have to use some java script.  I am not very good at java script and I have never programed with java script before… my focuses were in c/c++, asp, c#, java, and now python. Moreover, BSD doesn’t teach java script.

So, this is my chance to understand java script better but i need time.

Is anyone working on this now? I hear a few people finished this already (2 -3 people?)


October 14, 2007 - Posted by | open source

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  1. dude, I’m in the same boat as you are;
    My self, I’ve found the place and I’ve added my patch, but it did not reflect the changes on the browser; then I tried to follow the solution and apply the changes but the same.

    I’m going to try another lab from the wiki, but I honestly don’t know where to find the hours for everything

    Comment by armenzg | October 15, 2007 | Reply

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