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re: my Watching@bugzilla begins

I have watched a few days (almost a week) but I got nothing. I must have done something wrong. I log back in Bugzilla and check my “Preferences”-> “Email Preferences”

User Watching: That looks ok….I have the name/address

Field/recipient specific options: Oh no, I forgot the check on “CCed”, silly me. Anyway, problem solved

I received 6 emails in an hour from regards a bug on Unix & Windows.

I am able to see the conversation between the person who I am watching with others. Watching is a great tools to get to know a person work and his/her involvement in the bugzilla. I just wish there is some kind of tool out there that help me filter/organizes these emails.

for example: only the messages which includes the word “locale; en-GB; en-CA; python; etc” are being forwarded to avoid information overloading.

maybe a “search mail function” that go though all the emails in the mailbox, so that only the mail with the given word will show. Oh wait, Gmail has this already.


October 18, 2007 Posted by | open source | 2 Comments