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Helping on SQLite/CVS Editor/Testing

I am currently helping TJ on his Desktop Social Networking Integration Project.  He needs someone to create a Client with SQLite for testing purpose.  I did something similar before with sql server 2003 express, i hope they are similar.  once I got the client running I will be testing his project with him.

On the other hand, I have been help Vijey on his extension project.  He has been having problem with setting up extension but everything is working now.  And I found him a free cvs editor, so that he can finally start working with cvs files.  I am going to contribute more on his project on Sunday.


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More for the Translator Tool 0.2

our 0.2 is mainly directory walk, which we did by reusing some of the code we find online.

currently we are working on the following,

1. fix the key problem, which can be tricky and could use a helping hand
2. make a list of translation words from EN-GB to EN-CA, take time but nothing technical
3. support multiple words, which I already have an idea on how to do that easily
4. file a new bug, as required based on the responsible we got from email
5. write/improve comments, make the code easier to read
6. update wiki  page and bug page, we are constantly doing this
7. allow user to select a directory to run our script (make translation)

we will try to have most of these tasks finished by this Sunday and the rest will be completed in our 0.3, as planned.

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