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Lab: Creating a Binary C++ XPCOM Component

Finally got the Creating a Binary C++ XPCOM Component lab working. here is the steps and trick i used.

1. have a firefox debug build ready.

2. create firstxpcom, firstxpcom/public, and firstxpcom/src folder in the mozilla/extensions folder

3. generate a UUID with the “uuidgen” command, create with the UUID generated.

4. create three (copy and paste the exact code from the wiki)

5. create the “install.rdf” file

6. run “../build/autoconf/make-makefile extensions/firstxpcom” in the object directory, to create the make object folder/file

7. copy “FirstXpcom.cpp” from the wiki to the firstxpcom/src folder.

8. run make at the objdir of firstxpcom, firstxpcom/public and firstxpcom/src

*That should do the trick. Now, to test.

9. install the javascript shell extension, if there is a security problem installing. read this “hints”

10. Run your debug build of firefox and follow the rest of the lab.


November 15, 2007 - Posted by | open source

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