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Redo Lab 1-2 & Lab 3-4 Posted

I have to redo lab 1 and 2 because I lost my previous files due to the problem I have with Windows Vista.  I would strongly recommend everyone “NOT” to use Windows Vista for the labs because “NOT” only do you get a lot of stupid assertion error, it corrupts files  and act funny.  For the time being, I am doing all my open source work/lab with XP for now.  I got Fedora 7 last week, but I would have to wait until the end of semester to get it installed.  For one, I am too busy with project and presentation.  For two, I don’t want to risk any file in my labtop being damaged/corrupted.  Moreover, I am running low in disk space.

I have updated the labs section of my wiki, all the link for lab 1, 2, 3 and 4 should now be working probably.  I will probably has to redo lab4 again on Xp for Lab 5, because I did lab 4 on Vista.  *sigh* so much trouble.

If you are going to take DPS909, please do yourself a favor.  *DON’T USE WINDOWS* for your labs.  You got so much errors and it takes so long to make a build… It basically downgrade the learning experience by a few letter grades.  Get a Apple computer or something…. At least download Fedora, ubuntu, Suse or whatever but not Vista.  Good Luck.


November 19, 2007 Posted by | open source | 1 Comment