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Lab 5 Completed

Lab #5 adding chrome/UI to the FirstXpcom component is our last lab for this semester.  It is the first lab that I completely given up on Vista and guess what? It works so well.  As mentioned from my previous post, I redo my Lab 4 for lab 5 and it took me a little less than 10 minutes to get it done on XP.  Here is my prove.  🙂

Lab 4 on XP

I continue worked on Lab 5 with my “Lab 4 build on XP”, followed the instruction on the wiki and I encounter a few small problem.

First of all, Target Applications Firefox Minimum Version=2.0 Maximum Version=3.0a3pre

should be updated to Target Applications Firefox Minimum Version=2.0 Maximum Version=3.0b2pre

Second of all,

$ cd Application\ Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/development_profile/extensions

is located here “C:\Documents and Settings\$Account Name$\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles”

Third of all,

$ echo c:\temp\firstxpcomchrome\ >

doesn’t work for me…. maybe i should say, it acted funny because i got something like this: “ctempfirstxpcomchrome” in the file.  Therefore, I recreated the “” with notepad and manually entered the “folder address”

Other than that, everything is good 🙂

To test your code, go “Tools”, there should be a red text, click on it and it will generates pop up input box, enter a value and you should get something like this.

Lab 5 Success

Man… I wish I given up Vista earlier.


November 21, 2007 - Posted by | open source

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