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Our 0.3 Release!

For more information regard our 0.3 please visit our project wiki or Rueen blogs on the L10N Auto Fork 0.3 release (formerly known as AutoLocalization tool)

As Rueen has mentioned in his blog, our main focuses for our 0.3 releases are:

  • Allow user to specify name of new Locale (that will be forked from an original like en-GB) to our program (eg; en-CA)
  • Program takes original locale (such as en-GB) and makes a copy of it to be used for translation
  • No longer creates .bak files (this means that translation changes are saved on the actual DTD and Properties files)
  • Code Documentation
  • For the first one, allows user to specify name, we did that a couple weeks ago, no problem whatsoever.  just prompt and ask for the directory name and use that as the root. 

    Rueen and I did the second one today, make copy of the orginal tree, it was tricky at the beginning, I was gona write the little script that recursivly make copy of every file and folder from the specified directory… but then I saw the copytree function which pretty much do exactly we want. lol~ we might as well just use that. lol…..  the function doesn’t work at the beginning, we forgot to import the required library.  after we import all the required library, it still fail. 

    something wrong with the “src” and “path” that we were using..(i was using somethin like this “c:\aaa\bbb\new\”), it is complaining about the “\”, therefore we changes it to “c:\\aa\\bb\\new\\” and now it works……. stupid escape character.  

    anyway, the code flies and do exactly what we wanted.  🙂

    there is one problem with copytree tho, if the “path” already exist, the copying will fail… that’s really isn’t a problem… is not something that is related to the purpose of our script.   we don’t really care but a problem is a problem, therefore rueen wrote his little script to validate (prompt to user and ask for a new output path is the specified path already exist)

    for the third task, not to use “.bak”, that’s easy. just make a little change at our file output. remove the +”bak”, done.

    documentation, we are almost done, everything will be updated by the end of December 7, 2007.


    December 7, 2007 - Posted by | open source

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